Imparting Key Manufacturing Skills to Students in Engineering and Technical Institutes is a key for “MAKE IN INDIA” to be successful. Metal Finishing and Robotics are two of the key skills identified by the various Skill Development Councils. Being a Pioneer and Leader in Metal finishing in India, Grind Master is on a Mission to contribute to Skill India initiative by offering Metal Finishing Labs as well as Training Packages for Engineering Institutes.

Both the initiatives are prepared with an intention of imparting key skills to students – future engineers, making them industry ready to make a valuable contribution in manufacturing industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering, Cookware, Medical Implants and Metal Products.

The Metal Finishing Lab Package includes Machines for

  1. Metal Finishing
  2. Robotic Machining Center

Training Packages by Grind Master include:

  1. Basics of Metal Finishing (1 day)
  2. Advanced Metal Finishing (5 day)

Metal Finishing Lab

Grind Master offers State of Art Metal Finishing Lab for Students.

The dedicated Lab helps students gain hands-on experience not only about various surface finishing parameters but also training on how to generate it using various tools. The Metal Finishing Tools kit will also be helpful for surface preparation of metallurgical samples. And of course this Lab will act as magnet for nearby Engineering Industry.

Recommended Machines

Flexigrind TGM10

Flexible Grinding/ Deburring of Flat Parts
  • Easy to Operate
  • Compact & movable on 4 wheels

Take it to classrooms

  • Flexible for Wide Variety of Parts
  • Can be used for producing parts for further Metallurgical Testing
Finishing Machine

Centerless Finish LMCL-02

Centreless Grinding Machine

Learn Principles of Centerless Grinding and Finishing

  • For generating various surface finishes on round Tubes & Bars
  • Compatible for various Coated Abrasive Belts, Flapwheels, Buffs, etc..

Manual Belt Grinding & Buffing Machine Set GM250 and HB02

  • Experiment with various consumables & finishes
  • Improve operating skills
  • Finishes wide variety of components
manual Belt

Robotic Machining Center

Modern manufacturing demands more flexible and faster manufacturing technologies using Robotics & Automation. Majority of industries are upgrading their manufacturing setup from traditional setup consisting manual processes or semiautomatic processes to Robotic Automation. Various processes like Fettling, Deflashing & Grinding which were traditionally done manually or using semiautomatic tools are now successfully shifting towards robotic automation. Processes like Robotic Machining are next step of Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing where user can work with large variety of materials.

Robotic Machining Centre offered by Grind Master helps students understand following topics:

  • Robotics
  • Machining/ Milling process
  • CAD-CAM programming
  • Robotic Polishing/Finishing
Robotic Sculpting Machine

Students working on Grind Master Robotic Centre will by default be understand Machining/ Milling, CAD/ CAM programming for Robotics as well as other CNC Machines like VMC as Robotic Programming for 7 axis is next step of CNC involving 3 axis / 5 axis programming.

Robotic Machining Systems by Grind Master – KUKA

Grind Master – Pioneer and Leader in Metalfinishing, Microfinishing and Robotic Finishing KUKA – Leader in Industrial and Educational Robotics


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