Grind Master is a pioneer in Robotic Machining Systems in India, building systems for Automatic Sculpting on a wide variety of materials from soft material foam, wood to hard Stones like granite. Robotic Machining Systems can be used in Sculpting industry for :

  1. Making Replicas using Reverse Engineering
  2. Making Abstract shapes from Design


Grind Master’s Robot Artists are very well capable to carve out the most intricate sculpture out of any material.

We offer the total package to art lovers from Scanning to CAM programming to Physical Machining.

Advantages of Robotic Sculpting Cell:

  • Brings down the sculpting time substantially
  • No iterations required
  • Easy to replicate, scale-up or scale-down the existing model
  • Flexibility of working with large variety of materials and workpiece volumes.
  • Cost effective as well as more flexible compared to other Machining Centers etc.


  1. Making Statues from Variety of Materials Foam, PU, PE, UHMW, Wood, Plastic, Stone and Soft Metals
  2. Options for Planar Sculpting and All Sides Sculpting
  3. Powerful Tool For Artists to Duplicate Art Work by Reverse Engineering

Optional Accessories
3D Scanning systems

Soft Materials like Wood, Hyllum, Foam, Thermocol, etc.Machining
Soft metals like Aluminium, copper, BrassMachining
Hard Materials like Stone – Granite, Marble, Sandstone, etcSculpting, Machining

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