ROBOFINISH By Grind Master

Combining expertise in Robotics with Experiences in Metal finishing and Deburring technologies, Grind Master Group very effectively provides ROBOFINISH Range of Machines for Grinding, Fettling, Deburring, Polishing and Machining Processes. Since 2010, Grind Master is a well-recognised Machine Tool Builder to provide such Robotic Machines.

Robotic Machining Processes Transform Manufacturing Practices :

  • Productivity
  • Consistent Quality
  • Health and Safety
  • Flexibility / Multitasking
  • Leapfrog from Industrie 2.0 to Industrie 4.0 !!!
  • Quick ROI

Why Grind Master ?

  • More than 125 Successful Installation across the Globe including
    • 75 Machines in Non Ferrous Foundry
    • 35 Machines in Ferrous Foundry and Forge
    • 15 Machines in Automobile, Art and Education
  • Robustness and reliability of a Global Technology Leader in Machine Tool Builder
  • Dedicated R&D and Front End Engineering Team
  • Extensive Experience in Grinding, Polishing, Deburring, Milling Technologies for over 35 years
  • 7 Manufacturing Facilities across the globe
  • Dedicated State-of-the-Art Innovation R&D Center in India, USA and Europe
  • Staff of 80 Design and Robotic Engineers
  • Over 400+ Direct Employees globally with numerous wholly owned global subsidiaries


  • Robotic Fettling/Grinding for Grey/Ductile and Steel Castings
  • Robotic De-flashing of Aluminum Die Castings and Brass Components
  • Robotic Grinding of Forgings
  • Robotic Deburring of Engine Components
  • Robotic Polishing/Finishing of Stainless Steel and Hardware Components
  • Robotic Sculpting of Molds and Patterns
  • Robotic Specialized Processes for Critical Exotic Alloys including Medical Implants

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