Grind Master Cookware Polishing Machines, developed for Indian Industry are exported worldwide. In 1986, when development of the first Semi-Automatic Machines started, cookware polishing was done manually.

Buffing and polishing processes generate dust which is hazardous to health of the operator. It also gives lower productivity, dependence on skilled labour and quality issues. Semi-automatic polishing machines effectively addressed these issues. The variety of cookware is very large, the shapes and sizes are different. India makes a large volume of Aluminium pressure cookers, stainless steel kitchenware, stainless steel tableware, non-stick and hard anodized cookware etc. This is manufactured by very big companies / brands like TTK, Nirlep, Hawkins, Butterfly as well as small and very small companies located in various areas. The level of automation demanded by these varied companies is different from each other. To address this variety effectively, a very wide range (around 15) of semi-automatic-machines and robust flexible and modular Automatic machines (around 6 varieties) were developed.

These machines were developed from scratch and now Grind Master has full range of semi-automatic & fully automatic machines for polishing cookware. With over 500 no. of machines in the market, and being a pioneer in the field, it can be said that Grind Master has brought a transformation into the Cookware Polishing Industry.

Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Copper are extensively used in cookware industry. As cookware come in direct contact with eatables, it is very important to keep them contamination free. Cookware polishing machines not only improves aesthetics of cookware, but also improves their resistance to corrosion which gives them longer life and helps us serve hygienic food.

SS Pots & CookwaresExternal/ Internal Buffing
Polishing with Automatic Indexing
Internal Sunray Finishing
Pressure CookerExternal/ Internal Buffing
Polishing with Automatic Indexing
Internal Sunray Finishing
Base Grooving
SS Lid/ Thali/ PlatesTop/ Bottom side Polishing
Polishing with Automatic Indexing
Tiffin Box/Casseroles Polishing
Polishing with Automatic Indexing
Non-Stick PansBase Grooving & Edge Facing

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