Robotics Revolution for 21st Century Metalcasters.

ROBOFINISH revolutionizes robotic casting grinding/fettling/de-flashing/finishing
solutions with enhanced performance, quality and quick ROI.

ROBOFINISH offers seamless integration of “ALL CASTINGS” grinding/finishing operations.

ROBOFINISH team members are global leaders in metalcasting process, system
development and customized programming
“Changing Lives”


Grind Master developed Robotic Machines starting in year 2010, introducing ROBOFINISH –Robotic Machines for Metal Finishing related applications.

The Foundry Industry faces problems in finishing of castings using manual processes – with inconsistent quality, low productivity and unsafe working conditions for foundry workers.Robotic Fettling Machines were developed to address this problem. This revolution in foundrysector has resulted into more than 125 solutions in short span of 8 years. Our customized madeRobotic Machines provide turnkey solutions for grinding, deflashing, gate/riser cutting and othercasting cleaning
operations. It provides unmatched productivity as well as quality, eliminates health hazards and transforms the foundry.

Grind Master Expertise & Key Differentiators

  • Global Technology Leaders in Foundry Robotic Grinding/Fettling/Finishing Machines
  • Domain knowledge in Grinding, Polishing & Deburring
  • Dedicated Robot Application Technology Centers in India, USA and Europe
  • Customized Machine Projects for all/any casting finishing solutions, for high volume or jobbing and largelow volume boutique castings.
  • Client Training, Commissioning & Offline Programming services.
  • Global Technology Team consisting of experienced hands-on foundrymen
  • Over 25 Patents in Specialized Technology

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