Grind Master is known for delivering custom built solutions with expertise and domain knowledge in Metal Finishing, Deburring, Microfinishing and Automation and a proven track record to design and build high quality special purpose solutions. Engineering capabilities and Passion for Machine Building make Grind Master an ideal partner for Heavy Engineering industries, where customized special solutions are required for meeting manufacturing challenges.

Over the years Grind Master has developed a wide range of machines for Heavy Engineering sector.

These vary in scope from Microfinishing/Polishing of Heavy Diesel Engine Components like Crankshafts, Camshafts and Connecting Rods to Various Hydraulic Cylinder and Piston related components. Robotic Automation is applied to problems in Marine Propeller and Heavy Iron Castings/Forgings for Machining and Fettling/Grinding respectively. With a know how in processing advanced metals such as Titanium, Zircalloy and Nickel based alloys; Grind Master brings a total solution in heavy Engineering industry.

ComponentSolutions (Aerospace)
Heavy Diesel Engine
Heavy Diesel Engine
Heavy Diesel Engine
Connecting Rods
Polishing of Bore
Hydraulic Cylinder and Piston RodsBelt Grinding, Polishing and Superfinishing
Marine PropellerRobotic Machining & Finishing
Heavy Forgings like :
Front Axle Beam
Connecting Rod
Robotic Grinding
Advanced Metals – Plates
Eg: Titanium, Nickel Alloys
Belt Grinding
Advanced Metals – TubesBelt Grinding, Polishing

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