Most of the manufacturing & fabrication processes produce undesired Burr.As industry is striving for high speed, highly productive and efficient machines, the components going in these machines need to be highly precise. Residual burr in such assemblies may result in malfunctioning of machine which in-turn would result in loss in productivity and efficiency. Deburring process ensures removal of even minute secondary burr from the component which results in smooth & extended product life. Deburring has over the years become a Critical Operation for Many components.


Deburring a part satisfactorily and consistently requires a large experience of various deburring methods and tools. The amount of burr created by every metal cutting process is different in nature, and varies with the material, hardness, and sharpness of the cutting tools/dies.


Grind Master brings to you the expertise in dealing with every such case, and offering cutting edge deburring technology with in-depth process knowledge. The range of Grind Master Deburring Machines and Deburring Solutions extends from Machined Automotive Components to Punched and Fine Blanked Parts. Grind Master Made Machines can do deburring of sintered parts as well as gears and crown wheels. The Solutions include following Technologies :

  • Planetary Deburring Machines including Precision Deburring
    “Precision Deburring” is a technology to not only remove the burr, but to do so in a way that the edge breaks into a specified radius. This is critical for certain components, such as Fuel Injection parts, pump parts, Compressor Plates and sintered parts.
  • Gear Deburring Machines including Advanced Gear Chamfer Deburr
    Grind Master Gear Deburring Machines include basic gear deburr machines using grinding wheels/brushes in a floating configuration for General Engineering industry.
    Further Advanced Gear Chamfering-Deburring machines using Cold Forming Technology are for Automotive Powertrain gears.
  • Robotic Deburring Automation
    Robotics Deburring Equipment is very versatile and flexible, and used for complex components such as Cylinder Heads and Blocks and Crankshafts.
  • Special Purpose Deburring Machines.

Grind Master Expertise

Grind Master diversified into Deburring Technology with Gear Deburring Machines in 1989. This Technology was further Advanced in 2015 with a Collaboration with SAMP Italy. Planetary Deburring Technology was pioneered in India by Grind Master in 2002. Advanced products with Precision Deburring were developed in 2008. Robotic Deburring as a Mission Critical Operation in Fuel injection parts have been developed since 2010.

  • Over 1000 Successful Deburring Applications
  • 26 years of Experience – Pioneers & Leaders in India
  • Wide range of processes – domain knowledge
  • Reliable Process Technology in various deburring applications


  • Deburring of punched fine blanked, laser and plasma cut parts
  • Precision deburring of sintered parts, pump parts and fuel injection parts
  • Deburring of punched and fine blanked parts like clutch plates and deburring of compressor plates
  • Deburring of all kinds of gears – Spur, Helical and Bewel gears
  • Deburring of sprockets (where chamfer is allowed on the sprocket teeth)
  • Deburring of wheel gear
  • Deburring Crown wheel
  • Deburring of shaft gears
  • Deburring and chamfering of gears with uniform chamfer
  • Deburring & finishing of batch production sheet metal parts
  • Deburring punched and nibbled sheered parts
  • Deburring of laser, plasma, flame and waterjet cut parts
  • Deburring zintec, galvanised, aluzinc, plastic and film coated -parts without coating damage
  • Deburring of Steering Gear Piston
  • Deburring of Cam Lobes – 2 Wheeler/ 4 wheeler Camshafts
  • Crank Pin Cross hole Deburring
  • Engine Thrust Washer Deburring
  • Precision deburring of flat parts
  • Deburring of Housing Bearing

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