Robotic Iron Casting Fettling Machine

Robotic Iron Casting Fettling is revolutionary solution for Iron Foundries. Fettling is major bottle neck for foundries. Most of the foundries till now were doing fettling work manually. It is time consuming process as well as very hazardous for the workers’ health. With automation replacing manual process, foundries are achieving better productivity along with consistency in output.

Machine ModelDescription
RCF SeriesFully Automatic Machine for Ferrous Casting Fettling
Component Handling Capacity 20 Kg to 1000 Kg Upto 2000 mm Length


  • NANOSMART Industrie 4.0 Enabled Controller
  • Rugged Machine Build
  • Specially Developed Software for Intelligent Grinding
  • High Consistency
  • Improved Quality


  • These Machines are Customized to meet specific Customer Needs of Automation, Load/Unload, Size, Cycle Time and much more..


  • Fettling Heavy Iron Castings including Cylinder Heads/Blocks, Differential Housings, Farm Equipment castings, Intermediate Case etc.

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