Gears are major component of most of the mechanical assemblies. It performs important task of transmitting power from one mechanical part to another with desired rpm and torque as per process requirement.The chamfering and deburring of gears is often an undervalued process in gear production. However, it has a great influence on the usage characteristics of the work piece. Improvements in Ratings for Gear Shifting in vehicles also depends on the process used for this operation. Reliable and good quality chamfering and deburring of gears ensures :


1. Longer Life
2. Lower Noise
3. Smoother shifting of gears
4. Lesser Failure/breakdown of geared parts

Grind Master has developed key technologies for deburring & chamfering of Gears.

Basic Grinding Wheel and Brush Technology for General Engineering applications as well as Advanced Cold forming technology for Automotive Power train Applications.

Machine ModelDescription
GDM Series1. Gear Deburring Machine with Grinding Wheels and Brushes
2. Gear Dia. : 50 mm to 1000 mm
3. Options for Chamfering with Cutter method
SCT Series1. Advanced Gear Chamfering & Deburring Machine with Cold Forming Technology
2. In Collaboration with Samputensili Italy
3. Gear Dia. : 25 to 350 mm
4. Options for Tooling with Chamfering-Rolling Cutters


  • Auto Job Load/ Unload
  • Dust Extraction System


  • Deburring of all kinds of gears – Spur, Helical, Bewel gears
  • Deburring of sprockets (where chamfer is allowed on the sprocket teeth)
  • Deburring of wheel gears
  • Deburring Crown wheels
  • Deburring of shaft gears
  • Deburring and chamfering of gears with uniform chamfer

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