Grind Master extends its support to esteemed customers to add value to their operations. While we recommend new machinery for Greenfield Manufacturing facilities with production requirements, there are some areas where retrofits can be an effective solution.

There can be significant cost savings by doing machine retrofits especially for complex Microfinishing and Gear Chamfer/Deburr Machines with following benefits :

  • Addition of Key Features
  • Extending Life of Machine
  • Applying machine to use in Brownfield/Low Volume Production applications.
  • Enhancing Machine Performance

Grind Master conducts such retrofits with its expertise and vast experience in machine building, adding significant value to the machine by replacing one or more major components – such as Arm pack, Control System. Further other outdated components and systems are also usually replaced.

After Retrofit the machine will not be new, but near new – not a jugaad. Grind Master does not do small makeshift upgrades as these are not long lasting and not in line with the company quality philosophy.

A typical Machine retrofit costs between 50-75% of original machine value and extends life by 4-5 years.

Case Studies and examples :

  • Microfinishing Machine – Converting from PLC Control to Latest CNC Control for Ease of Operation and Maintenance
  • Microfinishing Machine – Modifying Existing Competition Machine by replacing key Microfinishing Arm Units to enhance productivity and Reliability. General Overhaul of the System.

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