Grind Master Abrasives Team provides quality abrasives for ensuring reliable consistent and cost effective grinding, finishing, polishing and deburring processes. With over 200 Abrasive product lines, Grind Master offers an extensive portfolio with in-depth application know how in application engineering to select the right product and process across a wide variety of materials and finish requirements.

Grind Master Abrasives works in Alliance with VSM, Germany and Sankyo – Fuji Star, Japan, both global leaders in the quality abrasives market. Abrasives Unit has its own ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility (8000 sq ft) including a testing & inspection center and an R&D facility dedicated to provide the most appropriate, reliable, and high performance abrasives solution on time.

Application Engineering

Grind Master provides an individual, customer-specific analysis to reach optimized solutions for each requirement. Our engineers are trained and highly skilled in the areas of:

  • Material know-how – Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Non Ferrous, Hardwood, Laminates etc.
  • Application know-how – Centreless, Flat Grinding, Back Stand, Power Tools, Robotic Grinding and Deburring etc.
  • Product know-how – in Collaboration with Global Technology leaders in Abrasives
  • Industry know-how – Crucial requirements and specific problems
  • Process know-how – Grinding And Finishing Process Parameters

VSM Coated abrasive Belts & Rolls

Coated Abrasive Belts for various Stock Removal (Grinding) and Surface Texture/Finish (Finishing) requirements:

  • Flat Surface Grinding of steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, composites & solid surface materials
  • Cylindrical Grinding of wires, tubes, etc.
  • Off-Hand Grinding using held grinding, power tools, backstands, etc.
  • Robotic Grinding

High Tech Series

  • Zirconia Alumina Abrasive
  • Aggressive stock removal
  • Long service Life
  • Continuous self-sharpening
  • Enhanced Surface Quality
Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
ZK713X24 to 150 Suitable for SS Stubes & bars deburring, investment casting, Aluminium die casting
KK815Y(Top Size)36 to 100 Sutiable for Kitchen Sinks, Wheel Rim Joints, Weldment, Investment Castings – Dry Grinding

Ceramics Abrasive

  • High level of stock removal
  • Long service Life
  • Continuous self-sharpening
  • Cool grinding
  • For hard work pieces
  • Consistent surface roughness
  • For faster grinding operation
Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
XK870X (Top Size)24 to 120 Suitable for Investment castings, stainless steel bar & tubes, forgings, hand tools – Dry Grinding
XK850X (Top Size)36 to 120 Suitable for process equipments – Dry Grinding
XK760X24 to 120 Suitable for wet grinding

Ceramics Plus Abrasive

VSM CERAMICS PLUS is the next generation of innovative ceramic grain abrasives. The improvement in performance compared to conventional ceramic abrasives is achieved by creating a balance between fracture behaviour and stability.

Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
XK885Y20 to 120 * Self-sharpening effect thanks to their microcrystalline structure
* Reduces the risk of discoloration and heat-induced deformation
of the work-piece

Compact Grain Abrasive

  • Even size removal
  • Fine Surfaces
  • Continuous self-sharpening
  • Consistent surface finish during entire service life
  • Multi-layered grain structure
Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
KK718X80 to 600 Suitable for Tubes & Bars, Sheets & Coils, Piston Rods -Wet Grinding
KK834X (Top size)80 to 240 * No discolouration of job
* Suitable for dairy, pharma & food Processing applications
KK772J80 to 1200Suitable for manual operations & powertools useful for grinding Dairy, Surgical Implants & Forged Parts
KK779X180 to 600Suitable for Tubes & Bars, Sheets & Coils, Piton Rods -Dry/ Wet Grinding
KK712F120 to 1200Suitable for manual opersations & powertools due to very flexible cloth with excellent conformability on contours and radii

Silicon Carbide Compact Grain Abrasive

Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
CK918X240 to 1200Suitable for Tubes & Bars, Flats, Metal Coils & Sheets – Wet Application
CK748X80 to 400 Suitable for Metal coils, Scissors, Robotic Grinding(Wet)
CK917C (SiC-Cork)320 to 1200Designed specially for superfinishing surface & Suitable for dry or wet grinding

Diamond/CBN Abrasive

  • For processing extremely hard and brittle materials
  • Very long service life
  • High stock removal rate
  • Consistent surface quality
  • Automatic grinding, robotic grinding, backstand grinding, grinding by hand
Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
DA930X60 to 400 Super-abrasive product for maximum performance in processing very hard, non-metallic materials
DA920Y120 to 400Composites, Stone, Ceramic Coatings, Metal
BA970X60 to 400 Ceramic Coatings, Metal, Composites, Stone

High Quality Series

Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
KK711X20 to 400 General Purpose Applications – Dry Grinding
KK711Y60 to 500 General Purpose Applications – Wet Grinding
KK511J60 to 500 Suitable for Musical Instruments, Sanitary Fittings, Turbine Blades, profile parts, wood due to flexible backing
KK511F60 to 800 Suitable Crankshafts, Brass & Bronze Castings, Handicrafts, profile parts, wood due to very flexible backing
KP508E24 to 400 High Quality Paper backing & suitable fot textile peaching, wood working
KK841F50 mm x 50 mtrFlexible cloth with excellent conformability on contours and radii which makes it useful for Jewellery applications

Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Abrasive SeriesGrit SizeDescription
CK721X24 to 600 Suitable for Glass, Creamic, Wood, Rubber & Synthetic Materials & SS Sheet & coil polishing
CK722Y24 to 180 Suitable for Chip & MDF Board, Paper, Paints & Lacquer, China & Laminate sanding

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