Widest range of Metal Finishing & Deburring Machines in the World



Superfinishing & Microfinishing of Auto Components, Rotogravure Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders


Robotic Automation for Fettling of Castings, Machining, Deburring, Sculpting, Educational Training

Metal Finish
Metal Finish

Tube polishing, Cookware polishing, Sheet Metal Finishing, Wire & Rods Descaling, Manual Grinding & Buffing


Deburring of Auto components, Gears, Aerospace parts, Sheet metal parts, Textile Machine Parts


Coated Abrasives, Microfinishing Films & other abrasive products for belt grinding, superfinishing, Microfinishing Application


100 – 1 = Zero

We at Grind Master believe in exceeding customer expectations with Innovative and Trustworthy solutions created with Passion and Expertise.


  • Grind Master is a Global Technology Leader in Metal Finishing and Deburring
  • Headquarters including Engineering and Manufacturing in India
  • Strong Sales and Service Offices in China and USA.
  • 35 Years of ABSOLUTE ENGINEERING to build Solid Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations with motto “Can and Will”
  • Creating a Culture of Enduring Excellence


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Jul 2016 - Blood Donation Drive – Saving Lives

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Jun 2016 - Mountains are for Climbing. Rafiq climbs Mount Everest!

May 2016 - Professional Management takes Charge at Grind Master

May 2016 - Grind Master bags SME100 Award

May 2016 - Product Launch CDB 600 Next Gen Automotive Camshaft Deburring Machine

May 2016 - Majhi City Takatak Transforming Solid Waste Management in Aurangabad

Apr 2016 - ONE STOP ONE SHOP Total Solution Provider for Metal Finishing

Apr 2016 - Optimize Abrasives/Tools to Enhance Machine Performance

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