VSM Non-Woven material is the first choice for satin finishing, cleaning or light deburring applications. With Aluminium Oxide or Silicon Carbide grains, the three-dimensional structure of non-woven adapts to the geometry of the work piece. Optimum grain dispersion and the resin bonding on nylon fibers ensures continuous exposure of new grain. This allows for consistent performance during the life of the product.

Grind Master Abrasives Team provides quality abrasives for ensuring reliable consistent and cost effective grinding, finishing, polishing and deburring processes. With over 200 Abrasive product lines, Grind Master offers an extensive portfolio with in-depth application know how in application engineering to select the right product and process across a wide variety of materials and finish requirements.

Grind Master Abrasives works in Alliance with VSM, Germany and Sankyo – Fuji Star, Japan, both global leaders in the quality abrasives market. Abrasives Unit has its own ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility (8000 sq ft) including a testing & inspection center and an R&D facility dedicated to provide the most appropriate, reliable, and high performance abrasives solution on time.

Non-Woven Features:

  • Uniform grain dispersion
  • Continuous exposure of new grain
  • Low clogging, due to open structure
  • Low stock removal
  • Elasticity and flexibility

Non-Woven Benefits:

  • Consistent surface finish
  • Long product life
  • Cool cut technology
  • Low contact pressure on the workpiece
  • No change in workpiece geometry
  • Optimum conformance to the workpiece surface

Example Applications:

  • Removal and Blending of Welds
  • Rust Removal
  • Blending of Paints and Films
  • Blending Scratches
  • Decorative Finish
  • Turbine blade Polishing
Very Fine
Suitable for Tube & Sheet Polishing

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