Printing And Packaging is a fast developing industry, both in quantity as well as quality. Various Rolls, Cylinders and Tubes are used in Machinery for Printing/Packaging that require specific Engineered Finishing results. Grind Master has developed specific solutions for various applications in this industry.

Rotogravure process is used for commercial printing of magazines, postcards, corrugated cardboard and other product packaging. Improper polishing of plated rotogravure cylinders leaves burr on it which results into improper print quality. Lack of cross hatched pattern reduces the life of cylinder and doctor blade. Grind Master offers superfinishing & polishing solution for Rotogravure cylinders to solve above mentioned issues.

Superfinishing process is also recommended on several other printing rollers for high speed printing.

We also deliver Paper Tube Grinding Solutions with centreless grinding machine. Polished tubes with Grind Master machines are ready for waxing

Rotogravure CylinderSuperfinishing
Paper TubeBelt Grinding
Printing RollsSuperfinishing

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