Conventional metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium are widely used for various industrial as well as architectural applications. Metal Industry is the backbone of Manufacturing industry. Equipment requirements in Metal industry for polishing and grinding are demanding in terms of rigidity, ruggedness and ease of maintenance, as many factories are located in remote areas. Grind Master is a pioneer and leader in providing turnkey finishing solutions for this industry.

Grind Master solutions include machines for tubes, bars and sheets. With market share of over 70% in India, Grind Master Machines are known for their high productivity, efficiency and unmatched quality. Our experienced team has consistently delivered desired finish quality as per application need.

A wide range of Centerless Belt Grinding and Polishing Machines is used for round tubes and bars. A complementary range of machines for square tubes and flat bars covers the other requirements for Tubemill and other requirements. Further Sheet Grinding and Polishing systems from Thin Strips to wide sheets (in representation of Timesavers, Holland) completes the product range. With over 2000 machines in operation in the Metal Industry, Grind Master is a reliable partner to its customers.

Pioneering and developing import substitutes for the various processes in this sector since 1990, Grind Master has vast experience in various applications required. Grind Master brings the cutting edge technology required for Advanced Metals as well, such as Titanium and Nickel alloys, required in Advanced Manufacturing industry. With experience and track record in developing machines as well as process, Grind Master is a partner to Advanced Materials industry.

Stainless Steel
Round TubesPolishing
Descaling/ Belt Grinding
Polishing with Line Automation
Round BarsPolishing
Heavy Duty Belt Grinding
Polishing with Line Automation
ProfilesDeburring & Finishing
SheetsDeburring & Finishing
Wire & RodsDescaling
Flat Bars/ Long ProductsBelt Grinding
4 Side Belt Grinding
Square Tube4 Side Polishing in single pass
Single face polishing in one pass
Special Alloys (Mild Steel & Other Steel Alloys)
Bright BarPolishing
Polishing with Line Automation
Black BarDescaling
Heavy Duty Grinding
Line Automation
Nuclear Fuel TubesFinishing
Wire RodsDescaling
Coils/ IngotsHot Label Pasting for Identification
Hardened & Tempered CoilsStrip Polishing Machine
Hard Chrome BarsPolishing

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