Grind Master is a pioneer in Robotic Machining Systems with launch of RMC1000 in Imtex 2015. Robots are used with machining spindles for realizing flexible, modular machining systems for a range of applications including sculpting, blade polishing and educational applications. Grind Master works in collaboration with KUKA and Siemens, both leaders in their field, for this state of the art technology to bring complete solution to customers.

Robotic Machining is used to machine various materials right from soft materials like wood, foam, hylam to very hard materials like stones, marbles, and granites. Even various metals like Aluminium, Copper, Brass can be machined using robotic solutions. Robotic Machining System gets the input 3D model and carves out physical component from solid block of the material

Grind Master Expertise

Grind Master team has thorough knowledge of Machining & Finishing processes. Being a machine builder for 30 years, we are the only Robotic Automation Solution provider in India who have successfully proven and delivered Robotic Machining Centres.

We offer following range of Robotic Machining Centres:

  • Light Duty & Compact Table Top Robotic Cells
  • Medium Duty Robotic Machining Cells
  • Heavy Duty Robotic Machining Cells for heavy applications


  • Rugged Reliable High Performance System
  • Robotic CAM Programming Software
  • Automatic Tool Changing


  • Reverse Engineering Kit
  • Wet Machining with Coolant


  • Sculpture making in various materials
  • Machining cum Finishing of Heavy Engineering components like Marine Propeller blades
  • Educational Purpose