Conserving Monumental Trees

Urban infrastructure is at the cusp of transformation these days. In order to build roads, flyovers and subways, huge trees sometimes are cut and uprooted. The road widening of Paithan road near Aurangabad resulted in the chopping of many old trees. With an age of 200 years plus, some of these trees can be considered as ‘monuments’, a piece of history for the city.

Grind Master was sensitive enough to acknowledge this matter and decided to take care of these monumental trees. Grind Master joined hands with Ecosattva to translocate these trees and take proper care of them. Let them thrive in a new place and environment. Grind Master moved 4 trees, each weighing over 25 tons, and planted in its Waluj campus. Resources are being deployed to ensure survival of these trees, all of which have thrown new shoots and are growing at their new home. We envision deploying this technology with the help from organizations and other industries, and save many more monumental trees.

Conserving Monumental Trees

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