Deburring Technologies Part III
Flat part deburring application

Mohini Kelkar

Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd has worked on deburring applications for more than 35 years thereby gaining expertise in deburring processes.

Authentic information on deburring is not readily available and often misunderstood.

We are happy to share our knowledge here

There are indeed large variety of sheet metal fine blanked, punched and laser cut parts that need deburring.  Apart from this, there are sintered parts, cast and machined parts, ground parts that are deburred.  The kind of burr generated in each of these is unique as well as the desired deburring results specified on the part are also unique.  Both these definitions are carefully analysed in order to determine the right process and subsequently the machine configuration.  Given below are some of the applications –

  • Deburring of Clutch parts like Clutch plates, facings. Sharp burr on Fine blanked parts are deburred first with Abrasive belt & then edge is smoothened by Planetary brushes
  • Deburring of Brake parts like Brake pads, Back plates. Rough Grinding to create scratch marks for better adhesion of Friction materials & edge rounding by Planetary brushes
  • Deburring Compressor Plates, Valve plates. Deburring of odd shaped grooves & small size holes in such parts needs special Brushes that are used in Planetary deburring heads
  • Precision deburring of Hydraulic pump parts. Stators, Rotors, cam rings which are mostly Sintered are deburred to achieve specific edge radius as demanded in part drawing.Wet deburring with auto wear compensation to planetary brushes are important to give consistent deburring results
  • Deburring of Precision fine blanked parts like Textile machine parts,Sprockets,Auto door & seat belt parts,washers, rings etc. sharp edges are smoothened by Abrasive belts & planetary brushes of various types


Each of the application above will need different deburring process and accordingly the machine configuration has to be customised. 

We will talk about this in Part 4..please DO follow us..