Widest range of Metal Finishing & Deburring Machines in the World



Superfinishing & Microfinishing of Auto Components, Rotogravure Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders

Metal Finish
Metal Finish

Tube polishing, Cookware polishing, Sheet Metal Finishing, Wire & Rods Descaling, Manual Grinding & Buffing


Deburring of Auto components, Gears, Aerospace parts, Sheet metal parts, Textile Machine Parts


Robotic Automation for Fettling of Castings, Machining, Deburring, Sculpting, Educational Training


Coated Abrasives, Microfinishing Films & other abrasive products for belt grinding, superfinishing, Microfinishing Application


100 – 1 = Zero

We at Grind Master believe in exceeding customer expectations with Innovative and Trustworthy solutions created with Passion and Expertise.


  • Pioneer and Leader in Special Purpose Machines for Metal Finishing, Deburring, Microfinishing and Robotic Automation
  • TOTAL Solution Provider for surface finishing requirements
  • ABSOLUTE ENGINEERING to build Solid Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations with motto “Can and Will”
  • Creating a Culture of Enduring Excellence
  • Family Owned Professionally Managed Fast Growing Indian Company with Global Aspirations



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