TEDx Talk by Mr. Sameer Kelkar

Grind Master CEO and R&D Head Sameer Kelkar recently gave a TED Talk titled “Zen and the Art of Mountain Wandering”.

Sameer speaks about mountain wanderings, discovering places and self via exploration. His experiences range from expeditions in the Himalaya to mountain biking in the Alps amongst others.

The talk gives an insight into his thought process behind getting lost and finding a way, connecting with himself through being in the wild and the impact this has had on his personal and professional life as well.

‘Mountains are for Climbing’ is in the bones of all of us here at Grind Master, and we are proud of Sameer’s achievements and attitude which reflects the highly passionate and innovative culture of Grind Master.

It is these Core Values that we believe in will guide and lead our company in the future to deliver breakthrough technology and value to the manufacturing industry.


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