Supramatic: Superfinishing of powertrain components – Grindmaster

Supramatic: Robust, Smooth, and super-fine Superfinishing of powertrain components
At the EMO 2017 Hannover, Grind Master along with its French subsidiary SPMS, showcased the Supramatic range of Superfinishing machines. SPMS Supramatic range of superfinishing machine for Powertrain Shafts is trusted by leading OEMs globally.

MBA Series Superfinishing modulesUsing Modular elements including MBA Series Superfinishing modules, the CMA series machine generates precision engineered surface finish and geometry characteristics on automotive powertrain shafts such as input and output shafts of gearbox. The CMA series is fully Automatic with PLC control and modern features including a Touch HMI. With Automation for Loading/Unloading including Conveyor Systems etc. it is built for High Volume production and is used by leading Automotive OEMs globally including Europe, South America, China etc..
SPMS is a trusted supplier for Mission Critical operations with more than 500 Solutions delivered for Microfinishing of Crankshafts, Camshafts, Gearbox Shafts, Centreless Superfinishing Machines and Deep Fillet Rolling Machines.


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