Absolute Engineering – A Journey towards 5000 Machines

1984 : Beginning in a Garage.

  • Two young enthusiastic, Passionate Engineers Mr Milind Kelkar and Mrs Mohini Kelkar with lots of energy started the company with little capital
  • Duo who loves to finish every task to the detail gets into metal finishing field

1992 : Moving from Garage to Factory

  • First Rim Polishing Machine for TI Cycles built in Grind Master Factory at B-11 MIDC, Aurangabad
  • Grind Master becomes reputed name in the field of Metal Finishing

1997 : Sales and Service Abrasives

  • An Effort to Offer a Complete Solution with World Class Grinding and Polishing Tools
  • Conversion Facility for Coated Abrasives with Collaborations with VSM, Germany

2002 : Superfinishing Technology

  • Superfinishing Attachment Launched and Received CMTI Award for Innovation
  • Development of Superfinishing Technology For Automotive Transmission, Hydraulics
Superfinishing Machines

2003-2009 : Microfinishing Solutions

  • Enters into technical collaboration with IMPCO, USA
  • Capturing Over 60% Market Share in India, mainly by Import Substitution
  • Wide Variety of Machines for Crankshafts and Camshafts from Scooter/Motorcycle Engines to Marine Applications

2009 : Grind Master China

  • First Machine supplied to BYD Motor Company China
  • Breakthrough into SGM (Shanghai General Motors) with Quick Setup Change Technology
  • Expands upto 25% Chinese Automotive Market Share
  • China Representative Office in Beijing in 2014
  • Over 70 Machines in operation across China

2012 : 1st Step towards Robotic Automation

  • Pioneering Breakthrough Technology for Robotic Grinding, Fettling, Deflashing, Deburring, Polishing and Sculpting
  • Over 75+ Successful Installations Worldwide
  • Collaboration with Major Robotic Arm manufacturers worldwide

2015 : Crankshaft Balancing Solutions

  • Joint Development by Balance Engineering, USA and Grind Master
  • High Precision Dynamic Balancing for Automotive and Heavy Diesel Engine Crankshafts

2015 : Gear Chamfering Solutions

  • Joint Engineering by Samputensili Italy (SAMP) and Grind Master Team
  • Advanced Gear Chamfering/Deburring Machine with Spur and Helical Gears
  • Major supply to Global OEMs across the world

2017 : Acquisition of SPMS France

  • GM Group Acquired SPMS Supramatic, France in Year 2017 and took major leap in European Market
  • Smart Machines were launched and took a step towards Industry 4.0