Mr. Jain, GM at Precision Camshafts India Feedback on Grindmaster.
Mr. Ajitkumar Jain

Mr. Ajitkumar Jain

Precision Camshafts Ltd., a leading manufacturer of automotive camshafts is a major customer of Grind Master. We had a chance to interact with Mr. Ajitkumar Jain, General Manager (Projects) of Precision Camshafts Ltd. He has frankly presented his views and opinions regarding his company’s relationship with Grind Master.


Q. 1. You have been associated with Grind Master for long time. How this relationship started?

It is an interesting story. In 2004, we had decided to go for second hand grinding machine as there was a capex budget constraint. For polishing, we did not have the appetite for huge machines. So we had a discussion with Grind Master. The challenge was to produce European standard finish parameters and Grind Master took up this challenge and manufactured the first machine in collaboration with IMPCO USA. It was installed at our plant and indeed it performed very well in production. It produced absolutely consistent finishing results.

Grind Master customized these machines for Indian cost structure and have found ways of manufacturing keeping the core process intact. We deployed these machines for finishing the camshafts of our customers from Eastern & Western world. The varying finish demands from these customers were very effectively addressed by Grind Master.

Q. 2. Tell us a bit more about your relationship with Grind Master.

Grind Master in a way took the risk of manufacturing a machine for the critical process of Microfinishing. Getting a first customer for the new machine is a big deal as there are entry barriers in terms of competition from the established players. Here, Precision Camshafts helped them out.

We took the risk of ordering first Camshaft Microfinishing Machine from Grind Master, but I must say that even the first machine they produced did perform well. We gave them the feedbacks on the machine performance and finishing results from time to time that helped them develop this further.

Thereafter, through various improvement feedbacks, Grind Master designed and built new versions of Nano Finishing machines. In this sense, we are like brand ambassadors for Grind Master’s machines.

Q. 3. How many Grind Master machines are you using?

We have a total of 14 Grind Master Polishing machines & 4 deburring machines. Apart from the machines, we actually have partnership model and now Deburring & Polishing processes are our standardised processes and Grind Master enjoys “First Right of Refusal”

Q. 5. Tell us about the production that you achieve with Grind Master machines.

All the camshafts which we manufacture for various customers are polished on Grind Master machines and we will continue to do so.

Q. 6.You use these machines for domestic production or for exports as well?

We don’t distinguish between domestic customers and export customers. Our manufacturing process is standardised and is same for domestic and export customers. So we use these machines for export customers as well.

Q. 7. What was the highlight of your relationship with Grind Master?

PCL is a priority customer of Grind Master. And this is evident in every action and interaction we have with them. They don’t give us a chance to complain. They are very flexible and always reciprocate to ideas and suggestions.

Q. 8. What are the 3 points that you see as a deal-maker for Grind Master?

Profit is the prime motto of any business. So we always look for people who provide ultimate value to our business. We don’t look beyond Grind Master because of the value addition we get from them. They understand customer voice and promptly reciprocate to the same.

First deal maker is their customer focus – they are totally focussed on customer’s pain area and offer the exact solution that solves the problem. Once we had an issue with the machine sensors. When we reported this to Grind Master, they came up with magnetic sensors and the issue was resolved. Then, they even took it to other customers. We think this agility is of high importance.

Secondly, Grind Master understands customer voice and respects their opinions; they are flexible with respect to customer expectations and lastly, the way they communicate with their customers. Grind Master understands that problems disappear when you start communicating. They are quite good at communication. They don’t take undue advantage of the situation while dealing with their customers. All of this creates a natural comfort level when you start dealing with Grind Master.

Q. 9. Grind Master is in the process of launching new HMIs called SMART. Do you see any potential for this technology in your business?

Yes. There is a potential. We are using CNC machines till date. Now, we want to move away from CNC technology towards Smart Controls. There is cost advantage and simplicity of the equipment.

Q. 10. How would you rate Grind Master on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of your overall experience and customer service?

If we were not satisfied with the service; we would have tried a possible competitor of Grind Master. We haven’t done it till date. Our JV Company partner in China tried localised solution to polishing and now standardised to Grind Master for polishing. So, we give full marks to Grind Master. 10 out 10!

We have a practice of sticking to a few suppliers since we launched our first line. We won’t change it until our supplier asks or forces us to do so.

Q. 11. What is the secret of Grind Master’s success?

Oh! It is the way they treat their customers and come up with innovative solutions. They absolutely don’t have any attitude while dealing with customers. Despite its technical capabilities, Grind Master is very down to earth company having ZERO attitude. I feel this is the secret of their success.

When there is a situation where you have to choose from two or multiple companies that offer the same technology and cost advantages, the way the company communicates and conducts its business matters most and their approach towards customer becomes the decisive factor. This is where Grind Master is way ahead of its competitors.


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