Microfinishing is the technology to generate surfaces that can only be measured in Nanometers.

Benefits of Microfinishing :

  • Improved Bearing Life
  • Better Sealing (for oil seals)
  • Reduction of Noise

We have mastered the art of using film-backed abrasives to achieve consistent finish and superior surface qualities required for transmission and engine components. Grind Master machines includes

  • Crankshaft Microfinishing
  • Transmission Shafts Superfinishing
  • Piston Rods Microfinishing
  • Camshaft Microfinishing


Grind Master NanoFinish range of machines includes Superfinishing Machines using Attachments as well as GBQ Microfinishing machines.

Grind Master also undertakes Reconditioning of Crankshaft and Camshaft Microfinishing Machines.

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