In-light of EMO 2017

This EMO Grind Master Group had showcased the new Supramatic Range of Machines along with the French Subsidiary SPMS headquartered at Every near Paris. The response from the industry was overwhelming. We received good number of enquiries from European, Middle East, American, Japanese & South East Asian Countries. It was once again felt that EMO is a Global Machine Tools Show. SPMS, a Grind Master group company is a trusted global supplier of high end machines and has delivered 500 + solutions for Microfinishing of diverse auto components till date. At EMO 2017, Grind Master showcased Supramatic range of superfinishing machines for automotive powertrain shafts. These machines are a hit among global automotive OEMs.

With inclusion of Supramatic range of machines and existing NANOFINISH range of machines, Grind Master Group has become No.1 choice for Microfinishing & Superfinishing Technology across the Globe.

EMO 2017 proved to be a showcase of various innovative as well as disruptive technologies. It is the right platform to showcase the new technologies. This EMO clearly showed the trend of various disruptive technologies like Additive Manufacturing/3D printing & Robotic Automation & Industrie 4.0 compliant machine technologies for Global industries. As major industries are being upgraded to automated systems, they demand more flexible and faster manufacturing technologies using robotics and automation. This is where Industry 4.0 i.e. Fourth industrial revolution comes into the picture.

In-light of EMO 2017 - Grind MasterIndian manufacturing sector is in the midst of adopting Industrie 4.0. Through Industrie 4.0, India brings innovative, advanced, and cost-effective solutions to the global manufacturing arena. Indian industries are deploying their prowess in developing software solutions for the manufacturing sector. Further, this will be leveraged in development of cyber-physical systems.

Additive Manufacturing was one of the major disruptive technologies which grabbed the attention of everyone. Additive manufacturing lets you build innovative 3D Objects by adding layers of various materials. It significantly reduces product development time and offers immense freedom to product designers. In a sense, it is quite a game changer for Indian industries.

To enhance the quality of production, improve machine performance, and reduce delivery times, Indian machine tool builders need to adapt additive manufacturing technologies. They should explore and deploy 3D printing technology in machine manufacturing. At EMO Hannover 2017, Mr. Sameer Kelkar, CEO of Grind Master Machines Pvt.Ltd. said “Indian machine tool manufacturers should invest in additive manufacturing – one of the biggest disruptive technologies to get the best out of it.”


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