Grind Master was invited to deliver Technology presentation in Shanghai by forum of Top Auto OEMs in China on NextGen NANOFINISH Technology for Automotive Powertrain
The event witnessed attendance from major OEMs Namely SGM, Great wall, JMC, Bosch, Volkswagen, etc

Expert talk delivered by Mr. Milind Kelkar along with GM China Head Mr. Dorian Liu emphasized of importance surface finishing technology in manufacturing of Automotive Powertrain parts like engine camshaft, crankshaft, various transmission shafts, steering rack bars & Shock Absorber parts like front fork tube, Piston rods, etc

Greenhouse emissions and Energy efficiency are the critical aspects pushing the limits of Powertrain Engineering in Automotive industry. Lightweighting and friction reduction are two key strategies in this aspect. Deploying both strategies makes designers of Powertrain resort to stringent surface finish parameters on Critical powertrain components such as Crankshafts, Camshafts, Gearbox shafts etc. NANOFINISH range of machines including Microfinishing and Superfinishing machines cater to this requirement. Over 10 Million Crankshafts have been polished on Microfinishing Machines Manufactured by Grind Master. Grind Master NANOFINISH range of machines have Dominant market share in India, and a significant market share in China.

Grind Master solutions NANOFINISH and Deburr are used across the Automotive industry in Powertrain, Steering, Suspension, Chassis and Body Systems from 2 wheelers to heavy trucks. In particular Grind Master is a global supplier in Automotive Powertrain.

Variants of NANOFINISH range are used in Steering System components such as Steering Rack Bar Polishing. Both Metal finish range of machines as well as certain NANOFINISH models are used for Suspension and Shock Absorbed components.

Mission Critical operations not only need a good reliable machine but a mastery over the process. With over 500 machines in Automotive, Grind Master not only offers a complete solution package for our trusted partners, but also process development and R&D capability that enable partners to improve their products.


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