Grind Master Dense Forests Initiative


Grind Master has undertaken the task of creating ‘Dense Forests’ at multiple locations. The pilot project of Dense Forest at Satara has been a great success in a short period of 6 months, using the Miyawaki method – a Japanese method of developing a forest with rich biodiversity.

Grind Master Dense Forests Initiative

Here, maximum numbers of trees have been planted on specific area of land as per the Japanese philosophy. Over 730 trees have been planted on a small area of 2000 sq. ft. Trees such as Umbar (Audumbar), Pipal, Arjun, Khair, Kavath have been planted over here.

The project was led by Civic Response Team, a Aurangabad based organization. Within 6 months the trees have grown to a height of 5-7 feet and the area is impassable with dense biomass. The site is worth a visit after the rains!

What is Miyawaki?

Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology researched the subject of forestation and developed a method of ecological engineering known as ‘Miyawaki method’. The Miyawaki method emphasizes on conservation and restoration of natural forests on degraded soil. This is achieved using the seeds of native trees for plantation.

This method consists of:

  • Marking the plantation area.
  • Creating 3 ft. deep pits.
  • Get 1 tractor load of black soil, 1 tractor load of organic fertiliser and 1 tractor load of solid waste or compost.
  • Mix the material and spread the material in the area marked for plantation.
  • Fill the pits and surrounding area. The soil gets ready for plantation.
  • Get the seeds of native tree species
  • Plant maximum number of trees in minimum area of land.
  • Plant trees at an equal distance from each other.

The advantages of Miyawaki:

  • The ecological balance is kept intact.
  • Protection of water and soil.
  • Planned and successful restoration of forests over a large area.

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