Fettling is no more hazardous and time-consuming
Introducing RCF – HD Series – Robotic Casting Fettling machine

Introducing RCF – HD Series – Robotic Casting Fettling machine

Grind Master’s robotic iron casting fettling solution eliminates the hazards and makes it a fast and safe activity that ensures consistency of the output. It also reduces the quantum of rework and enhances the overall quality.

This versatile machine lets you perform the following operations.

  • Riser and Gate cutting
  • Parting line grinding
  • Deburring for sharp edges
  • Hole break-in
Innovative Features:
Innovative Features:

Innovative Features:

  1. Heavy duty foundry grade robots
  2. Electric power spindles with automatic tool change
  3. Automatic path correction for handling variations in casting
  4. Fully enclosed robotic cell with safety interlocks

Component handling capability:

  • Size up to the length of 600 mm
  • Weight handling from 20 kg to 150 kg

Grind Master’s Robotic Iron Casting Fettling Machine is the perfect solution to meet the rising demand for lightweight castings and adhere to tighter pollution control norms.

Component handling capability:
Component handling capability:

Advantages of robotic fettling:

  • Consistent Finish
  • Clean and clean workplace
  • Safe working environment

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