Superfinishing Machines

Superfinishing Machines – SMP Series

Superfinishing Machine uses the head consisting of Film Backed Abrasives stretched around contact wheel oscillated against the work piece which is held between centres. This process is useful to generate surface finish Upto Ra 0.05

Machine Model Description
SMP 500E Admit Between Centre 500 mm
International Built Standard
Optional – GSF Size Control Technology
Expandable to Multiple Stations with Automation
SMP300/500/800 Series Admit Between Centre 300/500/800 mm
Variants for Polishing Instead of Superfinishing
Expandable to Multiple Stations with Automation
SMP1000 Series Admit Between Centre 1000 mm
SMP 1500/2000 Series Admit Between Centre 1500 mm
Rotation and Traversing Control to generate Helix like features
SMP 3000 Series Admit Between Centre 3000 mm
Heavy Duty Machine for Large Components
SMP Plunge Series Plunge Type Superfinishing (Centerless)
Manual Load / Automatic Load Options


  • Grind Master NANOFINISH Control System
  • Modular Design – Compact, Energy Saving & Ultra User Friendly
  • Optimised cycle times
  • Quick Setup Change
  • Quick Consumable Change


  • Automatic Load/ Unload with Gantry/ Conveyor/ Pallet Exchanger
  • Body customization – Single/ Multi-station Expansion
  • Integrated Shuttle Transfer
  • Size Control


  • Superfinishing of Automotive Transmission Parts :
    Synchro Cone, Idle Gears, Armature Shaft, Stepped Shaft, Turbo Charger Shaft, Transmission Yoke, Output Shaft,
  • Superfinishing of Gear Pump Shafts
  • Superfinishing of Piston Pins, Cam follower, Piston Rods, Brake Pistons, Vacuum Pistons
  • Superfinishing & Chrome Polishing of Rotogravure Cylinders
  • Superfinishing/Polishing of Steering Rack Bar
  • Superfinishing of Heavy Diesel Engine Pins
  • Specialized Superfinishing Applications in Aerospace