Research and Development

Research and Development

Grind Master R&D is a Dedicated Team of 8 Engineers led by CEO Sameer Kelkar and CMD MilindKelkar.Grind Master is known for Innovation and development of breakthrough technologies. Grind Master holds 3 Trademarks, 8 Technology Patent Pending, 15+ Registered Designs.

Grind Master started as an Innovation company pioneering Metalfinishing Machines in India. Over the past 30 years Grind Master has pioneered more than 100 breakthrough concepts and products. Innovation is therefore a “Core Value” for Grind Master. Today Grind Master competes worldwide in Technology Products with competition from Germany, Japan and USA. It is imperative to Innovate to stay ahead in Product Performance.

A dedicated Tech Center Facility at Grind Master is the lab for such innovations. Equipped with State of the Art Measurement and Testing facilities, as well as various metalfinishing tools and equipment, including a Industrial Robot for conducting the research activities, Grind Master R&D offers various services to internal and external customers.

  • Application Development
  • Process and Product Research
    • New Processes and Products
    • Continuous Product Improvements
  • Manufacturing Consultancy
  • Finishing Services for Advanced Materials
    • Finishing different varieties of Advanced Metals
  • Training & Workshops on Robotics & Metal Finishing

For R & D Services contact:
Phone: +91 240 237 4104/ 4139
Email: sales@grindmaster.co.in