NANOFINISH is the technology consists of Superfinishing/ Microfinishing process for generating surface finishes that can only be measured in Nanometers.

NANOFINISH Range of machines uses mainly Film Backed Abrasives with Grind Master NANOTouch Contact Tooling to provide reliable and high performance solutions to a wide variety of components ranging from Engine Parts to Rotogravure Cylinders. NANOFINISH Product Range consists of 2 technologies

1. Superfinishing Technology:

It is line contact type method in which Film Backed Abrasives used with NANOTouch ROLL (Wheel) Backing is oscillated against the jobs which are either held between Centre or on Rollers (Centerless) provides surface finish improvement without damaging geometry, achieving Up to Ra 0.05

2. Microfinishing Technology:

It is surface contact type method in which Film Backed Abrasives used with Various Contact Tooling such as NANOTouch STIFF (for Journals), NANOTouch FLEX (for Lobes), NANOTouch PLANAR
(For Faces).

In Most cases the workpiece is oscillated between Centers. Apart from achieving Surface finish requirements, the process also achieves improvement in geometrical parameters such as roundness.

Customized Variations of NANOFINISH Technology such as GSF (Geometry – Size – Finish) are able to achieve multiple parameters in the same process with Advanced Size Control Technology.

ALL NANOFINISH Technologies ensure proper lubrication characteristics which results in extended products life along with elimination of noise & vibration.

NANOFINISH is a registered trademark of Grind Master.

Grind Master’s Expertise

  • Over 450 successful Installations globally with more than 50% export.
  • 12 Years of experience – Pioneers & Leaders in India
  • 75 % Market Share in India
  • Over Ten Million Crankshafts Polished on Grind Master
  • Machines – 25% of Chinese and 60% of Indian Automobiles
  • Technology Leaders with 10 Registered Designs and 6 Technology Patent (Pending)
  • Most Reliable Process Technology for NANOFINISH

Grind Master NANOFINISH Machines are based on a modular design concept, and can be optimized for specific applications with configurable stations including no. of arms, Arm positioning mechanisms and Automation Systems, Peripheral Systems. Optional additions include Deburring Units. The Machines are controlled with and Engineered Software – NANOFINISH Control System – built for finishing machines.

The state of the art range of machines NF Series are packed with several features that make them a market winner. Optimized Cycle times, Quick Setup Change, Quick Tooling Change, Ease of Maintenance are some of these.

NANOFINISH Applications:

  • Superfinishing of Automotive Transmission Parts :

Synchrocones, Loose Gears, Shafts, Transmission Yoke

  • Superfinishing of Camshaft Journals
  • Superfinishing of Piston Pins, Brake Pistons, Vacuum Pistons
  • Superfinishing of Hydraulic Piston Rods
  • Superfinishing of Gear Pump Shafts
  • Superfinishing & Chrome Polishing of Rotogravure Cylinders
  • Superfinishing of Steering Rack Bar
  • Superfinishing of Heavy Diesel Engine Pins
  • Microfinishing of Crankshafts : 200mm to 3.5 metres size
  • Microfinishing of Camshafts : 75mm to 2.5 metres size