Manufacturing Industry is undergoing a revolution in productivity, quality and EHS. The Foundry sector in general including Iron Casting and Aluminum Casting has been slower than other manufacturing sectors to adopt Automation and Robotics as a way forward. Fettling and Deflashingare particularly dirty application requiring lots of manual labour working in unsafe unhealthy conditions. A revolution is upcoming in this sector, with the advent of Robotic Deflashing for Aluminum Die Castings and Robotic Fettling for Iron Castings.

Grind Master has a history of building Special Purpose Machines for Metal Finishing and Deburring Applications. For components requiring complex motions for processing, Robotics opened a new avenue for Automation. Grind Master Automation group was started in 2012 to provide customers with Robotic Applications in metal finishing, deburring and fettling/deflashing.

Automation of the labour intensive Cleaning operations in Foundry has been one of the focus points for Robotic Automation at Grind Master. Grind Master Automation Team has adopted a Goal for 2020 – “Being a Passionate team transforming foundries and human lives around” clearly demonstrating the Commitment and Intent in this field.

Grind Master launched Products for Iron Casting Fettling (RCF Series) and Aluminum Deflashing (RCP and RMT Series) in 2015. These state of the art technologies were developed through Research over 2-3 years with rigorous process trials and development. Partnering with key customers, the first machines (over 20) with these technologies are already in operation and many orders are under manufacturing stage.

Our custom made Automation cells provide spot on solutions for fettling, deflashing and other foundry operations. Further it provides unmatched productivity as well as quality with minimal number of rejections compared to manual fettling operations. This technology has transformed many humans lives with elimination of health hazards of workers.

Grind Master Expertise

  • Pioneers in Foundry Automation
  • Over 50 Successful Installations in last 3 years
  • Domain knowledge in Grinding, Polishing & Deburring
  • Dedicated Robot Application Tech Centre
  • Robustness & Reliability of a machine tool builder
Component Solutions
Iron Castings like :
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Block
Fettling :

  • Riser and Gate Cutting
  • Parting Line Grinding
  • Deburring for Sharp Edges
  • Hole Break-in
Aluminium Casting Deflashing/ Fettling
PDC/ GDC Components like :
Alloy wheel
Flywheel Housing
Two wheeler Grip
Two wheeler footrest
Gearbox Housing
Clutch Housing
Cylinder Head
Crank Case
Engine Crank Case
Gearbox Housing
Clutch Housing
Cylinder Head
Crank Case
Deflashing Systems custom Engineered :

  • Dedicated Robot Holding Component Systems RCP series
  • Dedicated Robot Holding Tool Systems RMT series
  • Integrated Automation Cells With Robots, Tools, peripheral machines (for Trimming/Quenching etc)