Combining expertise in Robotics with Experiences in Metalfinishing and Deburring technologies, Grind Master Robotic Automation Group is a Total Solution Provider for Automation of Grinding, Fettling, Deburring, Polishing, Machining Processes. Starting Automation Group in 2010, Grind Master is the ONLY Machine Tool Builder to provide such Automation Solutions.

Robotic Automation in Metalfinishing benefits because :

  • Higher Productivity
  • Consistent Quality
  • Eliminate Health Hazard
  • Comply with Global Manufacturing Practices

Why Grind Master ?

  • More than 30 Successful Installations
  • Dedicated Automation Team led by Sameer Kelkar
  • Domain Knowledge in Grinding, Polishing, Deburring
  • Robot Application Tech Center
  • Robustness and reliability of a machine tool builder


  • Automatic Fettling of Iron Castings
  • Automatic Deflashing/Fettling of Aluminium Die Castings and Small Brass Components
  • Automatic Grinding of Forgings – FAB, Conrods, etc
  • Automatic Deburring for Engine Components
  • Automatic Polishing of SS, Hardware Components
  • Robotic Tending of CNC Lathe and VMC
  • Robotic Machining and Sculpting